The Minister of the Presidency, Justice and Relations with the Courts, Félix Bolaños, has responded to the criticism motivated after the approval in the Justice Commission this Thursday of new amendments to the amnesty billwhich include in the assumptions forgive terrorism cases if there is no “direct intention” to violate human rights.

“Let’s be serious, does anyone think that the independence process is comparable to the terrorism that Spain suffered for decades?”, said the minister, after being asked if the Government believes that there is terrorism that does not violate human rights. Bolaños has made these statements at the doors of the Supreme Court, where he went to witness the inauguration as attorney general of the renewed Álvaro García in office.

What we all understand by terrorismwhat Spain suffered during decades of terrorism, that is out of the amnesty”, Bolaños stressed, adding that we must be aware that a law is being approved, that of amnesty, the title of which explains its purpose: “It is a law to normalize the political, institutional and social situation in Catalonia” With this rule, he insisted, the Government hopes to definitively overcome “a very deep wound” and coexistence is guaranteed, and that is the purpose and objective of the text being discussed in Parliament.

At this point, he stressed that the project that will reach the Plenary Session of Congress is “impeccable” “constitutional” and “in accordance with European Union law”, although without directly answering whether negotiations with Junts continue regarding new changes.

“PP extremism spiral”

Asked about the PP’s statements about the Constitutional Court, Bolaños criticized the party for “discrediting” the institutions. “I believe that the Popular Party and Mr. Feijóo are in a spiral of extremism and in a far-right spiral of lies,” he stated, to then insist that the Government “will always be defending the independence, impartiality, and professionalism of the judges and magistrates of our country and that they act without interference of any kind.”

The minister has also spoken, at the request of journalists, about the statements in which the Vox MEP Hermann Tertsch He has said that “God forbid they shoot (Bolaños) in the face like Vidal-Quadras.” Bolaños has shown his concern while pointing out that “violent speeches end up generating violence.”