The president of United States, Joe Bidenreaffirmed this Saturday his intention to “close the border” with Mexico if Congress grants him the authority to do so by approving a legislative project that Democratic and Republican senators have been negotiating in recent weeks.

“If this bill were approved as law, it would close the border right now”Biden said in a speech during a Democratic Party dinner in South Carolina, a state that will begin the Democratic primary process on February 3 for the November elections.

Biden expressed his support for the initiative that senators from both parties have been negotiating for weeks and described as “the toughest and smartest border security project in history.”

The president expressed his intention to “close the border” for the first time in a statement distributed last night by the White House. However, this It was the first time he expressed it publicly in front of television cameras.

These statements represent a significant change not only in Biden’s tone, but also in the traditional stance of the Democratic Party about immigrationand also reflect the importance that the issue has gained for his re-election campaign.

The ex-president donald trump (2017-2021), favorite to be the candidate of the Republican Party, focuses the largest of its rallies on migration and he has made it clear that he plans to use that issue against Biden.

According to The Washington Post, when Biden talks about “closing the border” he is referring to a clause included in the legislative project and that would allow migrants to be expelled when arrests on the border with Mexico exceed 5,000 for an average of five days.

Under this clause, the majority of migrants who cross the border irregularly They could not apply for asylum, according to The Washington Post, which cites sources familiar with the text of the project.

During that period, migrants could request asylum at ports of entry, but with A limited number of places available.

This measure would allow the indefinite expulsion of migrants until apprehensions at the border with Mexico decrease to less than 3,750 per dayaccording to the newspaper.

The text of the legislative project is not yet public, but senators have said they hope to release it next week.

The Senate, under Democratic control, has shown willingness to approve the project. However, the Republicans in the Lower House, where they hold the majority, have already expressed their rejection and, in addition, Trump has asked them to reject any compromise with the Democrats.

The border agreement is part of a broader package of measures being negotiated in Congress.

Included in this package are:new aid funds for Ukraine and Israelitems that are a priority for Biden and whose approval he already requested from Congress in October.

However, Republicans have refused to approve such aid unless changes are made to the asylum and immigration system.which has brought both Biden and members of Congress to the current situation.