Gabriel Guevara is the young actor of the moment, and he has already started a new fiction project, which will be seen very soon on Atresmedia. Throughout 2024, the revelation performer has released the series ‘Red Flags’, ‘Ni una más’ and ‘From tomorrow’, and Now it joins the list ‘Sea Out’, which will be seen very soon on Atresplayer.

This series, which is an adaptation of the Italian ‘Mare fouri’, It also has Hugo Welzel and Laura Simón in its leading trio. The fiction has already started filming in Almería and incorporates the young actors Miguel Frouchtman, Nekane Magaña, La Imén, Julen Katzy, Dani Marrero, Marcel Serrano and Pablo Louazel to the project. Besides, Itziar Atienza, Carles Francino, Raúl Prieto and Boré Buika complete the adult cast.

This new fiction project will have 8 episodes of 50 minutes produced by Beta Ficción Spain and tells the story of Álvaro and Carlos, two inmates who have just arrived at a juvenile correctional center located next to the sea. While serving their sentence there, they will have to face the threats of Los Pajaritos, a very dangerous gang, without losing hope in the future, which they see as becoming darker and darker.

Within this place you will find support from other inmates such as Saray, a young woman who wants to live in the center, since her life abroad is much more problematic. On the other hand, some workers like Mario lHe will risk his own life to help the trio of inmates.