'Dancing with the Stars' reaches its grand finale tonight on Telecinco. After weeks of effort and evolution, Athenea Perezwho is a dance partner with Sergi Pedrós, will be one of the finalists who opts for the final victory together with María Isabel, Adrián Lastra and Bruno Vila after a career in which she has always been accompanied by good evaluations from the competition jury.

In fact, Miss Universe 2023 has been in the first position in the jury's classification on more occasions. YOTELE speaks with Athenea Pérez before the grand finale of 'Dancing with the Stars'.

You reach the final being one of the big favorites to win. What do you feel before the final?

I feel grateful for all the support I have received. Despite being the least known of practically all the contestants, the public has always been there. They stop me on the street to encourage me and there is no greater sign that I am doing a good job than that. I'm going to give everything, for myself and for all the people who support me every day.

How do you rate your evolution throughout these weeks on 'Dancing with the Stars'?

I feel like I'm going to finish the program a very different person than the one who started it. At the beginning I was ashamed, I didn't know what I was capable of. Now I feel more empowered, I enjoy things much more and I even see myself as more affectionate (laughs). Learning to dance and competing every week has been quite a challenge.

What do you think has been your strong point throughout your participation in 'Dancing with the Stars'?

The constancy. I have worked every week to stay at the top of the ranking. This has meant that both the jury and the public have always taken me into account. My teacher, Sergi Pedrós, has managed to innovate every week in each new style and that is something very complicated when the jury's demands are so high.

You have reached perfection, which is those 50 points, in two of the galas. Is that an added pressure for you going into that final?

Absolutely. That makes me feel proud of everything we have worked for and above all it shows me that every effort is worth it. In these months there have been very serious injuries and also complicated situations. Even so, my enthusiasm and ambition to improve have always helped me to continue fighting to reach the final. And here we are!

You and Sergi Pedrós have had a lot of chemistry on the court. Has that been essential for the jury to achieve those grades?

Completely. From the first day we have connected and it was something that I needed. Feeling comfortable with him, being so distant when it comes to physical contact, has been the key. Now I'm the one who spends the day hugging him. I don't know what I'm going to do when the show ends! I'm going to miss him a lot.

How did you experience the moment of Sergi's live voltage drop?

I venture to say that it was one of the worst moments of my life. He has become a very important person for me and seeing him lose strength in my arms after that nomination touched my soul. He recovered and insisted on going out dancing but I only suffered for his health. He's a big head, but I love him (laughs).

Who do you think is your strongest rival heading into the final?

I guess Maria Isabel. We are the two finalist women and one shines where perhaps the other lacks. I think if we danced together we would be a fantastic duo. But now it's time to compete and see who finally wins that title!

How has coexistence been with the rest of your colleagues?

Wonderful. This experience would not have been the same without the extraordinary people I have met along this path. I highlight the production, makeup and costume team. And above all, the great team of dancers. From day one they adopted me and allowed me to experience this contest also from their eyes. Oh… I don't want it to end!

Much has been said about Bruno Vila due to his evolution in the contest. Would you consider his victory fair?

Bruno is my friend and if he wins I will be happy. He is a very hard-working boy who has known how to deal with pressure. The rules are the rules and if the public decides that he is the winner he will be. He may not be the best dancer but he is a beautiful person and he deserves everything good in this world.