The singer Anuel AA went to ‘El hormiguero’ this Thursday to present his new single with Ozuna and to present the tour in which he is immersed, which is why he is in our country. But, as usually happens, Pablo Motos gets the characters to open up a lot about his personal life and tell aspects that they would not have mentioned elsewhere. AND Anuel AA has made extensive statements about his time in prison.

It all happened in 2016, when he was arrested for illegal possession of weapons, and was sentenced to 30 months in prison. Regarding his experience, Anuel commented that “first of all, it is not how they paint it in the movies, and what speaks about you is your walk, the way you walk, how you handle yourself. And yes, money is important everywhere, because money moves the world, but There are many things that are more important than money, and in a prison, words are more important than money.”.

The guest continued by saying that “in a prison there are human beings just like us, people who have made mistakes and have ended up in prison serving their sentence for things in life. God has a different plan for all of us, a purpose, and sometimes many of us do not follow God’s purpose and end up in situations like that. Others of us have to go through situations like that to react and sometimes God makes us go through certain situations so that those scars turn us into the warriors we are now.” In addition, he explained that, during his time in prison, He was in isolation for 90 days for a very controversial reason.

As Anuel explained, he had a mobile phone inside prison that he used to continue recording music: “Since I entered prison, I recorded. I moved and recorded well-made songs. I recorded ‘Me contagié’, that the original song was by Eminem and was called ‘Stan’. It was a song he dedicated to a fan who went crazy in the song because he didn’t greet him once because he was tired and didn’t see him… Crazy. I think everyone remembers that song and what I did was make the Spanish version on the phone when I went to prison. And that song exploded while I was in prison, when I already thought that my career had been screwed.”

Pablo Motos was also curious to know what he did when he was released after being locked up for so long. The singer explained that “my father and son were waiting for me and the first thing I did was hug them. When I went to prison, the feds did not approve that I could see my son on purpose, to screw me psychologically. I didn’t see my son in 15 months. I saw it for the first time at about 16 months, when they transferred me to a prison in Miami and they approved it there.”

Finally, the artist said that he thought his career would end with that 30-month sentence, but it was quite the opposite: “When I was arrested, I thought that in three or four days they would release me, but after two days my lawyer told me that they rejected the bail.. So, I called my family, I told them what was happening, that I was going to spend time in prison. And although I mentally proposed the opposite, there I distanced myself from people, I stopped writing and I didn’t write for eight or nine months because in the sense of writing music I had a dead spirit, because I thought my career was over.”.

It was then that Anuel commented on what saved him on the professional field: “As the months went by, many topics that I did not bring up, but they leaked on their own and started to go viral. So, from there, the team I had at the time started publishing songs. And it was very strange, because sometimes I would go a month without speaking to anyone outside the prison, but there were a lot of issues out there that I didn’t know about and that I found out about because prisoners were coming into the prison and telling me that my issues were getting a lot of attention on the street. And that’s how I started to get motivated little by little and realize that there was hope.”