While the people of Cordoba celebrated one more year the New Years Eve and the twelve grapes were eaten, a newborn was about to be born, becoming the first baby from Córdoba in 2024. In Cordovahe first baby born in a provincial hospital His name is Antonio Manuel López Martínez, so this January 1st is his half-saint, and he came into the world on the Reina Sofia University Hospital at 2:16 a.m.

The first newborn of the year 2024 It weighed 2.9 kilograms (2,940 grams) and measured 52 centimeters. Antonio Manuel is the first child of happy parents, who are called Antonio, 26, and Mary Immaculateof 28 years, The Andalusian Health Service (SAS) reported this Monday, January 1.

Some happy parents from Alcolea

This little one has filled his parents with happiness, who are from Alcolea, as reported by the Reina Sofía hospital. Inma’s pregnancy has developed normally and so has the birth process, this same hospital added, pointing out that The baby’s mother entered the delivery room around 10:00 p.m. and, after just over three hours of dilation, Antonio Manuel was born, with the help of midwife José Luis López and care technician Inma Delgado. The birth, which was natural, was brought forward a few days, since the mother’s birthday was on Saturday, January 6, so The Three Wise Men have come forward for this family.

Antonio, the father of the first Córdoba baby of 2024, has reported that they were admitted to the hospital this Sunday afternoon. They took his wife to the delivery room at night and The birth was “perfect, although I suffered a little until I saw that everything was going well.” and that the three of us were in the room, since my wife was having a pretty bad time with the contractions until they gave her the epidural.” For María Inmaculada, it has been a “wonderful experience,” when they placed her son on her after being born.

Mother and son are in perfect condition

The Reina Sofía has highlighted that, at this timemother and son are in perfect condition in the maternity ward of the Córdoba center. Antonio Manuel, according to his father, alone has cried for the moment once around 7 in the morning because I was hungry and he wanted to eat and “for now it couldn’t be better.” The mother is beginning to recover little by little and, for this, she could not be absent be able to have a ham sandwich.

Georgina, daughter of Elisabeth Lara and Manuel Rodrigo.

Georgina, the second of 2024

The second newborn at the Reina Sofía on this first day of the year was Georgina Rodrigo Lara, who has weighed 3.3 kilos and is feeling “perfectly”, emphasizes his happy father, Manuel Rodrigo, and his mother, Elisabeth Lara. The little girl was born early in the morning, a little before 10:00. This family is from Córdoba capital and They have debuted as parents with 2024.

“We appreciate your effort and dedication to the team of professionals at the Reina Sofía hospital that participates in the birth of new lives and we wish the new families much happiness,” this hospital has stressed, in relation to the first births of 2024.

The happy parents, with their son Fernando, and professionals from the San Juan de Dios hospital, where the birth took place.

First baby at the San Juan de Dios hospital

A birth has also been registered at the San Juan de Dios hospital in Córdoba this January 1st. Fernando was born at 11:42 am, the hospital center has indicated. The newborn weighed 3.03 kilos and measured 52 centimeters. He is the first child for his parents, Fernando and Marta. The birth of little Fernando was scheduled for January 4, but he wanted to come into the world earlier, says his father, who emphasizes what a beautiful experience it has been to attend the birth, which has been natural. For the respective families of these happy parents of New Carteyathis baby is the first grandchild, so it has been highly anticipated. The delivery was supervised by the center’s Gynecology specialist Virginia Guerra.

Newborns at the QuirónSalud hospital and in Montilla

In it Quirón HospitalSalud CórdobaIn the afternoon, Javier, the third child of Estefanía and Manuel, was born. which is a family that, although residing in Córdoba, is originally from Extremadura, this hospital has pointed out. The little one, the first child to come into the world in 2024 in this hospital, weighed 3.4 kilos.

In the hValley of the Pedroches hospital of Pozoblanco and in it Infanta Margarita hospital of Goat There had been no births in the first hours of this January 1, according to sources from the Junta de Andalucía, who added that in it Montilla hospital Yes, a girl was born this Monday, named Blanca, second daughter of Isabel Bascón and Alfonso Castillejo, a family that resides in the town of Montalbán.

Other births in the new year

The first baby born in Andalusia In 2024 it was a girl, Arabia, who came into the world at the San Agustín de Linares hospital (Jaen) at 00:40 hours. She is the firstborn of the family, her parents are called Alicia and Emilio Jesús. She measured 52 centimeters and weighed 3.8 kilos.

First baby born in Andalusia, a girl called Arabia, who came into the world in the Linares hospital.

In Almeria, at the Princesa Leonor Children’s Hospital, belonging to Torrecárdenas, the first birth occurred at 01:28. It is a man, Jesús, sixth son of Herminia and Sebas. He weighed 3,455 grams and measured 48 centimeters.

the first baby Cadiz was born at the Hospital de Jerez. At 4:38 a.m. a boy, Jonathan, was born, weighing 2,860 grams and 47 centimeters tall. He has a brother named Álvaro, 2 years old. They are from El Cuervo.

In Grenade, The first birth of the year was a girl at the San Cecilio Clinical Hospital at 6:35 am. Lucía, who was born by cesarean section, weighed 3,310 grams.

The first child born in public hospitals Huelva It was Fernando, the third son of Fernando and Margarita. The child was born by vaginal delivery at 12:41 a.m. at the Juan Ramón Jiménez University Hospital and weighs 3,450 grams.

In Malaga The first birth of the year took place at the Regional University Hospital of Malaga at 6:59; She is a girl named Sandra and her mother is Mari Carmen.

At 00:57 hours Nerea was born at the Virgen Macarena University Hospital, the first baby of Seville, first daughter of Carmen and Manuel. The girl weighed 2,360 grams and, curiously, the midwife who attended the birth had the same name, Nerea.

Decrease in birth rate

The general decline in birth rates This is reflected in the fact that there are no longer so many children born on the first day of the year, as the daily average number of births has decreased. According to the SAS, in the public hospitals of Andalusia, until October 30, 2023, 36,696 births had been attended in the region, while in all of 2022 the number of births attended in the Andalusian public health system was 49,320, compared to 50,372. of 2021.