Antena 3 continues its commitment to the search for new formats, and Among those that will be released soon is 'Game of Balls', a contest in which spheres and water are very present at all times. Getting wet or not will depend on guessing the correct answer to each of the questions.

Beyond knowing the production of this new format, which will begin filming in the coming weeks in the Netherlands, Bluper has announced the identity of its presenter: the comedian Juanra Bonet. The 'Your face sounds like 11' contestant, who has lately been associated with contests, has presented in recent months some formats such as 'The circle of the famous', 'Catch a million' or 'Who wants to be a millionaire? '.

This new entertainment project, which will be produced by Warner Bros, finds Spain the third market in which to broadcast, after passing through Holland and the United States. It is an original format from Talpa Studios, from which other recent formats such as 'The Floor' arrived.

This will be 'Game in balls'

In this new program, several teams that will be made up of five family members or friends will have to compete for a cash prize by answering different questions. The team members will climb onto a platform located above a pool, and everyone will They must solve multiple choice questions in which each answer is associated with a giant ball what will be behind each one.

These balls will begin to run at the same time, and if the answer given by the contestants is correct, the ball will stop before hitting the player. Yes indeed, Otherwise, the ball will hit the contestant, finally knocking him into the water.

The questions will increase in difficulty as the teams lose their members, and The longer they last in the contest, the more money they can accumulate on their scoreboard, winning it when a team qualifies in the final round.