Anne Igartiburu and Jordi Gonzalez They have been in charge of lighting this noon ‘D Heart’the new version of the classic ‘Corazón’ that until now was presented by the Basque soloist.

Both have entered the set making reference to the new title of the program as soon as it begins: “Anne Igartiburu! Shall we begin?” Gonzalez asked. “We begin” the presenter responded confidently. “From the heart?”the journalist asked again. “With a lot of heart”, She answered enthusiastically, so that later they both pressed the button in the center of the lectern that was located right in front of them.

Next step, numerous famous people among whom stand out Mercedes Milá, Pedro Piqueras either Carmen Machí They wanted to wish luck to the couple of presenters who were launching a new stage of the program with a new schedule included (from 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.).

Change of tone and shape

During the premiere, it was possible to see how ‘D Corazón’ intends to evolve and go one step further than its predecessor, which avoided controversy and was characterized by a friendly tone. For its part, the new format brings with it a more blatant language to compete head-on with ‘Socialite’.

The form also changes, and is committed to the gathering, in which they have premiered today Alba Carrillo and Omar Suarez (arrived from Mediaset) and Carmen Lomana and Euprepio Padula. In addition, the program has revealed that they will soon be added Pelayo Diaz and Paloma Gonzalez.

Finally, reporters have gained prominence in this new stage in which there are more reports, just as happens in the program that is now presented Maria Verdoy.

Definitely, ‘D Heart’ ceases to be that ‘informative’ of the social chronicle in which Anne Igartiburu It gave way to videos prepared by the program team, to become a true current affairs magazine of pink journalism, with reports, discussion and analysis.