The number of victims of abuse in our country is incessant, as is the number of complaints against husbands and partners who have turned their intense love into a feeling that exudes toxicity. But the cases of abuse that do not appear in the news or reach support centres or police stations, because they are suffered with a plaster on the mouth within the four walls of the home (sweet? home) are countless. And that is why the story told by the British series ‘Angela Black’, a dramatic thriller that Atresmedia has adapted with the title of ‘Angela’ and that premieres this Sunday, 14th, Atresplayer. Later he will do it Antenna 3 in prime time.

Angela (Veronica Sanchez, ‘El embarcadero’, ‘Sky Rojo’) is a woman who seems to have it all: a good standard of living, a beautiful house designed by herself, two loving daughters and an attractive and charming husband, Gonzalo (Daniel Grao, ‘Hit’, ‘The Invisible Girl’). At least, outside the doors, because, in reality, this is about a textbook psychopath who has her under control – even preventing her from working and isolating her – and which makes her keep secret the psychological and physical abuse he has subjected her to. And she puts up with it, because he knows something that happened in the past that makes her feel guilty and choose to remain silent.

One guy changes everything

The arrival of Edu, a seductive type who introduces himself as a former high school classmate (Jaime Zatarain, ‘Rapa’, ‘Hasta el cielo: la serie’), although he is not who he says he is -as his friend Esther (Lucía Jiménez, ‘Desaparecidos’, ‘Madres: amor y vida’) warns him-, he will make change things. First, because it will awaken forgotten feelings in her and, then, because it will tell her that her husband is hiding dark secrets and plans to kill herAnd that’s when Angela’s constant fear of being punished no matter what she does gives her the impression that this could be true and that the danger could be even greater. She begins to consider his proposal to help her eliminate him from her life.

“At first he doesn’t believe her, but then he starts to do it and we travel to the total destabilization of the psyche Angela’s story. There is a moment when she begins to doubt the veracity of what he is saying, whether he exists or not, whether what is happening is real or he is making it all up,” says Verónica Sánchez. “And like the whole series, it is narrated from her point of viewthe viewer will also wonder to what extent this woman under so much stress could be going crazy,” he adds.

The cast of this Buendía Estudios Bizkaia production, directed by Tito López-Amado, is completed by Ivan Marcos, Ane Gabarain and Maria Isabel Diaz Lago, In addition to the girls Maia Zaitegui and Sua Díez, among others. Actors who give life to other key people in this story that, despite having practically the same script as the British one, has emphasized the characters. “This adaptation is more focused on the psychology of the narrator, who is Angela. It is more intimate and more claustrophobic. Because ‘Angela Black’ presents the facts, whereas this one is based on how she sees them. And since she is not reliable as a narrator, it becomes more obsessive, more convoluted.” Thus, the viewer will be able to put themselves in her skin more than ever. In her painful skin. And enter into her mind. So fragile.