Angel Christ He came back to the program last night 'Friday'. From the Telecinco set, the former contestant of 'Survivors' He took advantage of his interview to apologize to his sister Sofia Christ and charge again against the series 'Christ and King' from Antenna 3.

“Perhaps the words were not correct. I apologize” intoned the son of Barbara Rey towards his sister Sofía Cristo, after having said that he had contact with drugs in his father's circus.

However, this does not mean a reconciliation, because when Christ talks about his royal wedding plans with his partner Ana Herminiadiscards his sister from the guest list: “No, at my wedding I only want people who make me happy to be there.”

Angel Christ Jr. He has also taken advantage of his visit to the Telecinco set to attack the series again. 'Christ and King' from Antena 3: “No one from the series asked me anything, not about my life, not about my mother, not about my father. How can they make a series without me?“he complained.