The situation of Angel Christ in 'Survivors' has become unsustainable and has been abruptly expelled from the competition. Bárbara Rey's son, who since the beginning of the edition has faced practically all of her colleagues, crossed all limits after a strong argument with Aurah Garridoafter which he decided to ignore and bypass the island's security perimeter in which the contest takes place. It was completely missing for more than three hoursin dangerous terrain and not controlled or supervised by anyone.

The contestant was located with special security personnel after several hours of searching and removed from the contest immediately after being located, until Carlos Sobera connected with him in 'No Man's Land'. “What you have done is not only a serious breach of safety regulations, but it has also been truly reckless. You have put your life and that of the team at risk,” the presenter told him.

At first, Christ intoned the mea culpa: “I want to apologize to the organization and to all those who have cared about me. I have acted unconsciously and I ask for forgiveness from the depths of my heart.” However, he quickly revolted against the organization: “There are consequences for some but not for others. Arantxa del Sol hit me. But since it was not recorded, it did not exist,” the contestant snapped. “Arantxa is out of the contest after what happened,” the program host responded, to whom he constantly interrupted. “And she stayed here until the audience expelled her. Don't lie to people, please,” he replied.