Despite his youth, André Lamoglia He has an extensive professional resume as an actor, which It began in full adolescence at the Disney factory and that exploded three years ago with a radical change of course: his signing as one of the protagonists of 'Elite'the global hit series Netflix, which ends forever with its eighth season, whose premiere will be on July 26.

With this project already filmed and thinking about his future, the Brazilian performer welcomes us after having been one of the Desalia star gueststhe musical experience of Ron Barceló, which this year celebrated its 18th edition in Maspalomas (Gran Canaria).

“The last season of 'Elite' has been incredible, you are going to love it. The ending is going to be strong, it will impact people a lot. Finishing it was a mix of feelings. I was very sad because I didn't want to leave Spain, in fact I'm still here. But on the other hand, I wanted to change to continue exploring and learning in other projects,” he tells us.

Although as a child he had a mirror in his brother in which he could look at himself in practically everything, it was precisely his profession that ended up inspiring him for his future: “At 14 years old I discovered that I wanted to be an actor thanks to my brother, who was already dedicating himself to it. “And then I asked my parents to sign me up for a course to train me and from there came the first opportunity at Disney and it changed my life.”

“I love what I do, because I can tell stories based on very different characters. I like to look for projects that give me new nuances. I started at Disney and they already offer me projects with villain roles.”

However, his time on 'Elite' has been the most important leap in his career: “First for coming to Spain and then because it meant a radically different job and being able to access audiences from other generations. I only have good memories of the series, “both professionally and personally. They were three very good years and with it my life changed again, because it meant entering many countries at the same time.”

One of the issues that arouses the most curiosity in the series are the sex scenes, which are few in each episode. We asked him what the liturgy that is usually followed for this type of sequences is like: “It is common for people to ask me about this, it seems normal to me. I feel comfortable, although I confess that at first I was worried. But hey, I knew where I was going because I had seen the series before working on it. We have an intimacy coordinator, who cares about us at all times and with whom we rehearse everything. In the end, the sex scenes are a kind of choreography in which everything is marked and. rehearsed and this person is concerned about our comfort but also that the scene has truth and is credible for the viewer,” he says.