An epic Thursday at Cloudbreak: giant surf session for the ages

An epic Thursday at Cloudbreak: giant surf session for the ages

On a day that will go down in the annals of surfing history, Last Thursday, March 7, the legendary Cloudbreak wave offered an unprecedented session, leaving an indelible mark in the memory of lovers of this action sport. World renowned surfers like Nathan Florence, Billy Kemper, Jo Jo Roper, Benji Brand, Soli Bailey and the Coffin Brothers They were witnesses and protagonists of a day that exceeded all expectations.

The perfect weather, the tide at its right point and a group of exceptional surfers They came together to create a unique atmosphere in one of the most beautiful destinations on the planet. From the early hours, the conditions at Cloudbreak promised something special, and they did not disappoint. Waves of 18 to 20 feet (up to 6 meters) broke with unmatched perfection, defying even the highest expectations. And there it was Tim Bonython, swell chaser with his surf camera, to document it with a comprehensive summary:

For many of those present, this day stood as the best of their lives on the water. Every surfer who ventured into the depths of Cloudbreak had the opportunity to experience epic moments, with towering tubes and memorable waves. From the most experienced to the newbies (newbies to Cloudbreak, not surfing), everyone shared the privilege of facing a wave that stood like a true legend.

The testimonies of those who participated in this historic session are eloquent. From the palpable emotion in Nathan Florence's words to Benji Brand's disbelief, each story confirms the magnitude of what was experienced that day. For many, this experience surpassed any other in their long careers as surfers. Florence, by the way, named best big wave surfer of the last season, also recorded it and published a chapter on YouTube about what it was like from the water:

The atmosphere on the water was one of camaraderie and mutual respect. Despite the magnitude of the waves, there was no room for selfishness or unfair competition. Each of the surfers present enjoyed their moment on the wave, sharing the magic of Cloudbreak in a day that will be engraved in the collective memory of the surfing community.

It is important highlight the fundamental role of the technical and support team which made it possible to capture these unforgettable moments. From drone operators (Tucker Wooding Media) to boat drivers Thomoas Kini), each person involved contributed to documenting this event for posterity