Amador Mohedano He is not going through his best moment. A few days ago, in the program Sonsoles ÓnegaBeatriz Cortázar advanced that Rosa Benito's ex-husband has suffered from anemia problems “and another series of ailments” that to this day keep him “very weakened”.

During yesterday afternoon, it was Amador himself who spoke about how he is feeling. In statements to 'And now Sonsoles'Rocío Jurado's brother confirmed the news that the journalist had advanced.

In addition to detailing that he has been “bad” for five months, he explained that he is currently recovering from “a bleeding ulcer” for which they are administering “a very strong treatment”. “I'm not very visible yet”he lamented in the afternoon program of Antena 3.

Amador admitted that he is “very thin” as a result of the ailments he has suffered: “I don't want to show my face anywhere so they don't see me.” Despite everything, he was optimistic and wanted to send a hopeful message: “Everything is fine, the tests and all this, but I have to recover because I don't have the strength.”

On the other hand, he wanted to deny some information about his lifestyle, clarifying that he does not take “the drunkenness” that are discussed in some media.