Alberto counter He went to the set yesterday 'The resistance', where he had to face the most challenging questions of the program. As usual, the presenter asked his guest about the amount of money he has in the bank.

“Have you made money, eh?” he dropped before the former cyclist, winner of numerous titles. However, Contador tried to avoid that question: “Cyclists don't…”. “Not cyclists, but you… Not cyclists, I know, but you…”replied the Movistar Plus+ presenter.

Finally, the athlete decided to respond in his own way. “I'm going to give you a hairpin. I can get it for one of the season of 'La Resistencia', but not for two.”Contador released, in a clear allusion to the 28 million euros that RTVE will invest to sign Broncano and produce two seasons of 'La Resistencia'.

“At some point in the program, if it continues for more years, Contador could sponsor 'La Resistencia'. “If we run out of television, we could broadcast on your Twitch channel,” the late night host joked.