The Cordoba gastronomy It is one of the most recognized attractions for tourists, since some typical dishes such as Salmorejo or the flamenquin are unique and incomparable. However, if you fancy a change of scenery and are looking for a good restaurant italian food in Cordovahere we leave you a list of the five places best rated by Tripadvisor.

Brown Belly

Five points, chef! This Italian and Mediterranean food restaurant is located in the Pedro López streetone minute walk from Plaza de la Corredera and five minutes from Plaza de las Tendillas. Tripadvisor places it as the best restaurant in the city in this gastronomy, which highlights its dishes as “exquisite” and “varied”. Some of them, such as noodles with basil, pasta stuffed with mushrooms in wine or tasty chocolate, apple, lemon sweets (including a cake for vegans), among others, are described by users with terms such as “finger lickin' good”, “it couldn't be better” and “for pasta lovers”. Of course, you cannot miss the opportunity to confirm that these palates are not wrong. It offers two menus, which cost 10 and 13 euros.

La Fabbrica Pizzeria

We move to the Italy from Garden City, specifically to the Albeniz street number 16where the second best Italian food restaurant According to Tripadvisor, La Fabbrica Pizzeria. This establishment has a very unique decoration, with animal figures and colorful paintings, which gives rise to a good atmosphere. Furthermore, there are vegan and vegetarian options in his letter.

“We make pizzas seriously and not in series” is their motto. Without a doubt, the pizzas are their specialty since, being kneaded by handconstitute the star dish of the restaurant since eight euros. The calls Andy Warhol and Banksy together with lasagna and the baked fetta cheeseare some of the dishes that have caused more sensation among the diners.

Decoration of La Fabbrica Pizzeria.
Decoration of La Fabbrica Pizzeria.

Yes I want

Continuing through the area of ​​the roundabout Hypercorin the cTrassierra highway number 41 It is the third destination on this list. Yes I want It is an Italian restaurant with high quality pasta that does not leave any of its clients indifferent, as its reviews make clear. In addition, it has another establishment called Go! Yes I want in Arroyo del Moro avenue number 10about eleven minutes walking from the Bus station. Regarding the price, its range goes from 11 to 27 euros. Both establishments present a very similar letter. Pistachio pizza, Roman pinsa orzalini either crispy pork ravioli are some of the Top sales.

However, if there is something that draws attention, it is the salmorejo pizza that you can eat in the first of the two restaurants. Yes I want defines it as “crispy cold pizza, salmorejo base, Iberian ham from the pasture of Córdoba, parmiggiano cheese, arugula and EVOO”, Do you dare to try it?

My house

If you decide to move around the El Tablero area, an Italian house a seven-minute walk from the La Sierra Shopping Center is your next stop. My house It has 4.5 points on the website Tripadvisor and nearly 70 ratings “excellent”. This is because it presents a varied menu of starters, salads, pastas and pizzasBesides of dessert. Prices start from two euros with the eggplant roll unit and ascends to the 24 euros at most with the typical charcuterie and cheese board. The prices of the pizzas are around 12 and 15 euros and in most cases.

“The best pizza without setting foot in Italy”, “lucky to have something so good” either “Italy on your Córdoba table”, are some of the reviews that can be read. It has a terrace with artificial grass, perfect for enjoying the outdoors.

Casa Mia Pizza.

Il Piccantino

Finally, we must highlight the restaurant Il Piccantino. It is located in the number two avenues park, just ten minutes from Vista Alegre. It is a place where you can taste Italian foodalthough they are presented other types of foods as hot dogs for 5.50 euros and burgers gourmet from 8.95 euros. Now, their 100% homemade pizzas They are what make the difference with a price from 7.20 euros and a variety of more than 30 types.

Il Piccantino It also has two PizzaExpress stallsone in the Diego de León street number four and another in the Fernando de Córdoba street number 3. Pizzas baked in three minutesduring the 24 hours a day, Everyday of the year. Which will be your favorite?