Thirteen people have been slightly injured after an accident that occurred this Saturday between a van and a tram in the Madrid municipality of Parlaof which seven have been transferred to three hospitals in the area with minor bruises, as reported by Emergencies 112 Community of Madrid.

The collision between the tram and the van occurred minutes before 3:40 p.m. at the intersection of María Cristina and Reyes Católicos streets.

As a result of the accident, the tram, with five articulated modules in which 25 people were travelinghas derailed and the rear module has rotated 90 degrees and has come to rest just a few centimeters from a block of flats, affecting an exterior fence of the property.

Three have come to the scene fire crews of the Community of Madrid and numerous Summa 112 teams that have treated the thirteen injured and carried out the transfersone to the Fuenlabrada hospital, three to the Parla hospital and three others to the Getafe hospital, as indicated to EFE by an Emergency 112 spokesperson.

During this afternoon it is expected that a heavy duty crane remove the tram cars.