‘Argylle’, a spy comedy from Matthew Vaughn, with Bryce Dallas Howard and Henry Cavill, arrives this Friday at cinemas next to proposals of the most varied: a period film starring Mads Mikkelsen, an Oscar-nominated German classroom thriller or a spider horror film.


Matthew Vaughn, responsible for the ‘Kingsman’ franchise, presents a new spy thriller and comedy starring Bryce Dallas Howard, Sam Rockwell and Henry Cavill and which marks the film debut of pop star Dua Lipa. Dallas Howard is Elly Conway, the reclusive author of a series of bestselling spy novelswhich sees how the plot of one of his books, centered on an agent who tries to expose a global crime syndicate, begins to be a reflection of reality.

‘Teacher’s room’

Nominated for the Oscar for best international film, ‘Teachers’ Room’ is a thriller that takes place in classrooms and reflects on ‘fake news’, racism and intergenerational conflicts, directed by the German of Turkish origin Ilker Çatak (Berlin, 1984). The plot revolves around an idealistic math and gym teacher at a high school who, when a series of robberies occur and one of the students is suspected, decides to get to the bottom of the matter on her own, but little will be seen. gradually cornered by outraged parents, her corporatist colleagues and increasingly aggressive students.

‘The promised land’

This period film directed by Nikolaj Arcel deals with themes such as ambition, power, cruelty and love and is based on a historical novel by Ida Jenssen that takes place in the year 1755. Mads Mikkelsen plays Captain Ludvig Kahlen, son bastard of a nobleman who aspires to be recognized as such and embarks on a mission that seems impossible, colonize arid lands in a remote area of ​​Denmark in the name of the king, where he will encounter the rivalry of the most powerful man in the area.


Introduced as a modern-day Clarice Starling is Eleanor (Shailene Woodley), a young police investigator battling demons from her past when she is recruited to help profile and track the work of a disturbed individual. As police and the FBI launch a nationwide manhunt, they are thwarted at every turn by the individual’s unprecedented behavior. Directed by Damián Szifron, Oscar nominated for ‘Wild Tales’.

‘Vermin: the plague’

The debut feature by French director Sébastien Vaniček, winner of the Special Jury Prize at the Sitges Film Festival, places the inhabitants of a building in a nightmare situation following the invasion of spiders that multiply to the point of leave the population in permanent quarantine. Among the curiosities of the film, it stands out that they used real spiders for all your scenes.

‘Concrete utopia’

South Korean director Um Tae-hwa directs this apocalyptic tape who represented the Asian country at the Oscars. A huge earthquake has reduced the world to rubble with no known cause and in the heart of Seoul only one apartment building remains standing, the Hwang Gung Apartments. Actor Lee Byung-hun (‘The Squid Game’) leads the survivors who will have to face complicated ethical dilemmas.

‘The queen of the convent’

Mario Vaquerizo makes his film debut as the protagonist of the comedy ‘The Queen of the Convent’, a story about love and chosen families that revolves around a woman who decides to become a nun. Antonia San Juan, Isabel Ordaz, Gemma Cuervo, Paz Padilla, Bibiana Fernández and the influencer Dulceida are part of the cast of the film, which marks the directorial debut of Carmen Perona.

‘In the Adamant’

‘In the Adamant’ is a documentary by French director Nicolas Philibert (‘Ser y tener’) and it won the Golden Bear for Best Film at the last Berlin Festival. The Adamant is a ship moored at a dock on the Seine in Paris where a psychological center is based that seeks new therapeutic avenues to treat mental health problems, with a radically different approach from that of traditional psychiatry.

‘Katak the little whale’

This French animated film, directed by Christine Dallaire-Dupont and Nicola Lemay, tells the dangerous journey to the Great North that a little beluga undertakes to fulfill the last wish of his beloved grandmother and prove that he has grown up. The film was presented at the Annecy Festival and won the Enfants Terribles Award for Best Feature Film at the Gijón Festival.