'First dates' says goodbye to the week with more couples to find the love of their life. Laura visited the program presented by Carlos Sobera showing off her great personality and class. Despite these qualities, the young woman had not had much luck in love.

Despite being bisexual, Laura came in search of a boy “broad-shouldered, dark-skinned and about my height”. The dating show arranged a date for him with Carlos, a young man who had tried to flirt through apps, although he ended up abandoning this practice because he considered it too cold and distant.

The first glances were quite contrary. On the one hand, Carlos fell in love with him from the first moment, but Laura's opinion clashed with that of her date: “It's not my style at all, physically and I don't like the vibe it has. He is more canine than I like“, he stated.

Carlos started the evening by highlighting Laura's tattoos, one of her great passions along with cooking. Furthermore, the bachelor was surprised to learn of the young woman's Basque origin. Taste in the cinematographic field was also not a common point, having Star Wars and Marvel as their respective favorite sagas.

The bachelor increasingly saw a promising future with Laura closer, however, for her the distance was abysmal. They both enjoyed dessert in the booth, a place where they were supposed to kiss for the first time, although this did not happen in the end. “I have a lot of class”, Laura justified in response to the bachelor's attempts. The final decision, as expected, was a rejection by Laura that she did not want to have any type of contact with Carlos again.