The most famous restaurant on television begins the week with new singles to unite in love. On this occasion, Roberto turned to the dating show after proving to be a disaster in relationships. The newcomer has had three marriages, a serious relationship and currently has four children.

Despite his many hobbies such as billiards and stand-up comedy, the single man has had to undergo nine operations for ear cancer. Furthermore, Roberto himself knows the reasons that have caused his bad luck in love: “Couples have to be loved, respected and cared for, and I haven’t known how to do that.”

The program presented by Carlos Sobera wanted to remedy the mistakes made by setting up a date with Inma, a great fan of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. The bachelor’s first impressions have been positive.

The evening began by sharing the personal situation of the singles. Roberto had to leave work due to depression. Inma had also experienced this situation, as she considers herself a workaholic and has a very busy life.

Despite Inma’s busy schedule, Roberto wanted to have a second date with his partner for the evening. For her part, despite being cautious, the single woman ended up accepting a new meeting with Roberto. “I’m going to talk to your boss, I’m going to break your schedule… We have to slow down, look how I ended up,” she warned.